Importance of Getting your Sump Pump Inspected Regularly

December 11th, 2014

Sump pumps are the most ignored household utilities which are looked into only when they are not functioning properly. All homes in Westchester keep their sump pump in the basement area close the sump pit.  As these are generally used to clear water accumulated in the sump pit or for draining water in the basement during water accumulation homeowners generally neglect them and it stays untouched for months until rainy season arrives. If you want to engage the services of a reliable sump pump inspection service then Frank and Lindy from Westchester is the ideal firm to assist you with professional work.

The emergency plumbing team from Frank and Lindy has been performing sump pump installation and inspection for nearly 50 years now in Westchester, Dutchess and neighborhoods like Putnam. Our experienced technicians will ensure that the sump pump in your garage or basement is in running condition and working to its full capacity.

Why would you need sump pump inspection every year?

  1. The sump pump is your only defense against water accumulation in the basement or garage which can cause heavy damage to goods stored in the area.
  2. Yearly inspection increases the machine’s tolerance to regular wear and tear
  3. If the pump breaks down in the midst of pumping out water it can lead to damage of your home’s foundation too.

How we inspect and maintain Sump Pump system

When you hire Frank and Lindy for annual service contract, our sump pump inspection team will visit your home on appointment and will use latest testing equipment to check if your machine is working properly and changing pump batteries if required. With the help of our expert technicians you will experience convenience and safety from costly water related damages.

Is Your Heat Pump Installed Correctly?

September 30th, 2014

Heat pumps are useful in maintaining the quality of indoor air. Home air can quickly turn stale due to a number of reasons. The polluted outside air is full of toxic gases and this when enters the house can pollute indoor air as well. Households in Putnam also contain things that are constantly leaching out toxins and gases like cleaners, dry cleaning, carpets. Air in offices also needs constant circulation as the windows are always closed due to air conditioning. Proper installation of heat pumps is therefore very essential. So make sure to get your heat pump installed properly.

A checklist to see if your heat pump is installed well

  • Heat pumps if installed well help to reduce power bills. Get your heat pump installed properly if you do not see a reduction in the energy consumption in your house. A well installed system should decrease to a greater extent.
  • If you see problem in the filter even when the filter is new, then it could be an installation problem also. Get your heat pump checked to see if the filter is faulty or is it just a bad installation problem.
  • Heat pumps are used to provide heating and also clear out stale air. A heat pump does many functions depending on the model. So if your new heat pump is not doing its job well then it could be an installation problem.

What Do You Do If Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working?

September 16th, 2014

Sump pumps are installed in the plumbing system and are completely forgotten till the time they start giving trouble or stop functioning completely. One of the most common causes of sump pump failures is a power outage. The pump utilizes electricity to keep the contaminated water away from your clean water supply. So make sure you invest in a good quality battery back-up pump in case of power failures, especially due to natural occurrences like storms and hurricanes in Westchester.

Stuck float switches

If you notice that your sump pump tends to run continuously or gets turned on frequently without reason, it is the sump pump switch that you need to check on and get a sump pump repair immediately. Many times the tethered float switches get entangles in the pump system or get stuck to the walls of the sump pit causing this problem. Sometimes this issue can also lead to a completely flooded basement, if the switch refuses to turn on. Get a professional to install a vertical sump switch to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Sump pump frozen pipe

It is quite common for the sump pump pipe to freeze during harsh winters. This happens if the system is not installed properly, leading to water getting collected. When this water freezes, it leads to a blockage, which should only be handled by a professional sump pump repair person. One of the best ways to steer clear from any kind of sump pump issues is to install a premium quality high capacity sump pump and get an experienced person to do it for you.

Five Tips for Maintaining Toilet Plumbing

September 2nd, 2014

Owing to the increasing needs of cold and hot water in modern homes, plumbing systems should be kept in the best shape. Maintaining plumbing systems in your home is the best way to prevent an untimely and expensive toilet/plumbing repair. With the right measures to keep your Westchester home in top condition, it is important to carry out toilet/plumbing repair regularly.

How to maintain plumbing systems

One of the best ways to prevent toilet/plumbing repair is to prevent major problems. Here are some important measures you should take to keep your plumbing system in top condition.

  • Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Be it disposing of paper towels or women’s products, it is important not to flush them down the toilet as they can cause clogging and contamination. Ensure that you dispose of diapers, clean wipes and other sanitary products the right way.
  • Protect your plumbing system from the cold. Invest in insulation for your Westchester home piping and you can easily prevent freezing and bursting of the setup.
  • Gather basic understanding of the plumbing system and learn to fix it yourself. If you are facing small leaks that can be fixed immediately, do it yourself now or call a plumber.
  • Catch plumbing problems early. If you find leaky faucets, malfunctioning toilets, leaky pipes and damp surfaces, get your plumbing system checked immediately.
  • Invest in regular maintenance and inspection to check for cracks or leaks. This will help you prevent expensive toilet/plumbing repair and fix the problem before it aggravates.

If you want to take good care of your home, invest in the right plumber to keep your home working in its best condition.

Non-chemical Solutions for Clearing a Clog

August 19th, 2014

A clogged drain can be a common and frustrating issue in your locality in Westchester. Harsh chemicals may dissolve the common debris that produce clogs, but they emit harmful fumes and can corrode your pipes over time.

Clearing a kitchen clog

A clog in the kitchen is generally due to grease which solidifies and clogs your drains.

To remove the grease, dry out your sink and pour half a cup of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and let it sit overnight. Pour boiling water into the drain which will help melt the grease and wash out the debris along with it. You can also use a kitchen remedy of baking powder mixed with a little warm water to clear up drains and help keep the water free-flowing. Manual sewer drain snake cleaners can also be used to remove clogs.

Clearing bathroom clogs

Hair and hardened toothpaste are common reasons for clogs in your bathroom. Remove the sink’s plug and clean the debris and hair before reconnecting it. If that does not help, you could use a manual drain snake cleaner for drain cleaning. For toilet clogs, you can use the plunger which uses suction to loosen the clog. Avoid using chemicals into your toilet bowl as it will ruin your plumbing. Instead you can mix equal quantities of baking soda and vinegar and pour it in the toilet bowl. Scrub and flush after a few minutes.

Preventive maintenance

Drain cleaning can be made less stressful with some preventing maintenance. Fit drain screens which will trap small items like hair or food in your bathroom and kitchen sinks as well as tubs and shower units. Make sure you avoid pouring greasy liquids and oils down the drain. Also ensure you make pouring hot water a regular drain cleaning routine to prevent grease related clogs.

Why you should Upgrade your Central Air Units to be More Energy Efficient

July 22nd, 2014

The increase in global temperatures has forced many homeowners to search for a perfect energy efficient air-conditioner. The simplest solution to this problem is central air-conditioner replacement. This will help to reduce the cooling expenses without compromising any comforts .

Compelling reasons for upgrading central air units

There are a number of benefits of central air-conditioner replacement:

  • Saving money on energy bills: Buying a new energy efficient air conditioner helps you  avoid prohibitive expenses related to energy use and cooling costs. Newer models use much less energy compared to older models.
  • More comfort in life: Newer models sold in Putnam shops incorporate the latest developments and advancements in the technology of air-conditioning. They go a long way when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and cool.

In a majority of cases, older air-conditioner models have lost their functionality through the ravages of time. Their performance parameters have also taken a downturn.

 Choosing a new central air-conditioning unit

It is ideal to replace the complete system. However, if you are unwilling to spend a large sum of money at one go, then substitute your air-conditioning unit’s outdoor compressor with a highly efficient modern unit that you will find at Frank and Lindy. Before you buy a specific model, make sure that the compressor you want to buy matches the existing indoor unit. A good installation goes a long way to make sure that the new unit works perfectly.

Video Pipe Inspection is Important for Home and Bathroom Remodel

July 8th, 2014

A video pipe inspection is the technique of utilizing a video line to find problems in branch or sewer lines. The video feed enables easy detection of blockages, damages or leaks in pipe-line. This type of inspection becomes essential when you wish to remodel your bathroom or your home. Video pipe inspection helps prevent significant damages to the residential sewer lines.

The need for video pipe inspection in Westchester

There are two principal reasons to go for a video pipe inspection:

  • In a few rooms, like the bathroom and the kitchen, there is a greater chance of presence of waste water. In such a case, it is a wise decision to get a thorough inspection of the sewer lines to ensure that waste water can be handled easily. A video inspection is the best method to do so.
  • Plumbing problems may not be detected easily when the remodeling of the property is at its early stages. This can turn out to be a costly affair as a simple leak can cause water , which may take a considerable amount of money to rectify. Pipe blocks can prevent a house plumbing system to function effectively.

Increased accuracy and high quality work

Video pipe inspection is efficient and accurate. It is also a lot safer. The technology is non-invasive and can detect problems much quicker. As a consequence, there is a lot less mess to manage at the end of the work. You can opt for the services of Frank and Lindy in Westchester if you are in need of video pipe inspection for your home.

Avoiding a Sewer Drain Disaster

June 24th, 2014

Sewer drain disasters are common without sewer maintenance

As a resident of Putnam, a sewer drain disaster is the last thing you want. Without proper sewer maintenance, sewer drain disasters can be a common occurrence. This can lead to raw sewage seeping into your bathtubs, toilets, basements, tubs, etc. which not only causes a lot of damage but is also messy and very foul-smelling. Repair work and clean up after a sewer drain disaster can be very expensive. So avoid any sort of sewer drain backups and bursts with proper sewer maintenance services.

Learn the early signs that sewer pipes need to be repaired

You can’t afford to wait for a sewer disaster to occur before calling a Putnam plumber to fix and clean-up the mess. Instead when you notice these signals, call up your plumber for sewer maintenance and repairs. One of the most common signs that indicate a sewer disaster is imminent is wet spots on the basement floor, sheetrock and dropped ceiling tiles. You should get a plumber to find the source of the leak so that he/she can repair the leak quickly and offer other sewer maintenance and repair solutions to avoid further problems. You will also notice gurgling noises and other sounds if your sewer pipes are clogged and some people also notice a foul smell.

How to avoid sewer drain disasters

First and foremost, you need to get sewer maintenance services and pipe auditing services for your home from an experienced plumber. You also need to make sure that waste is being disposed properly. Do not dispose grease, other sticky substances, diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, etc. down sewer pipes.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless AC System?

June 10th, 2014

As the name suggests, a ductless AC system is an air conditioning unit that circulates cold air in a space without using any ducts. This makes a ductless AC install very different from conventional HVAC units as the latter can only deliver hot or cold air in any space with the help of a large system of ducts. Ductless AC systems are becoming very popular in cities like Westchester as they are very efficient and easy to install. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of a ductless AC install, here are some more benefits.

Benefits of ductless AC systems

  • Easy to install – Ductless AC systems are very easy to install and can be installed in your home within a day. On the other hand, a central cooling system can take about a week to install.
  • Quiet – Conventional air conditioners are very noisy. However, a ductless AC install are very quiet producing only a slight hum.
  • Compact – Ductless AC systems are very compact and take up very little space. This is why they are so popular in Westchester homes when cooling is required for small rooms and spaces.
  • Easy to use – A ductless AC install often comes with a remote controller making it very easy to operate without having to get out of your chair or bed.

More comfortable and save on bills

Ductless systems are used in smaller spaces and they are able to cool the place efficiently. This allows ductless systems to provide more comfort. Ductless systems are also more energy efficient leading to lower utility bills.

How to Spot a Plumbing Leak

May 20th, 2014

Are you sure there are leaks in the plumbing system of your house or have you indeed used a lot of water? Before you rush off to call your Westchester plumber, you could try a simple leak detection step: check the line that links the meter to the house. If there is a valve you can turn off near the house, do it and see the meter movement. If the hand is still moving in spite of the valve turned off near the house, then there is a leak in the line from the meter.

Inside the house

You should perform a sound test for leak detection not just in the toilets, but all over the house. Is there a noise from one of the pipes or joints in the bathroom? If not, try adding some food color or blue detergent in the toilet tank. If the bowl is coloring without your flushing, it means there is a leak and it is time to call your Weschester plumber.

Check all the faucets in the house to see if there are leaks – the kitchen sink, the hose bibs in the front and back of the house. Look for patches of moisture underneath the sink, or in areas where the pipes are cracked. Peeling paint is also a symptom of a leak.

Check other areas

Go to the garden and see if the irrigation system has a leak; also check taps and hoses in the yard if there are any wet spots. The other area that could use a leak detection test is the swimming pool – check the ground nearby for moisture and inspect valves, filter and pump for leaks.