Recently, we performed a service in your home. And now we'd like to know how pleased you are with our work.

So please take a few moments to complete this online survey. Once a month, we'll conduct a random drawing of all surveys received during that month, and the winner will receiver $25... courtesy of your friends at Frank & Lindy.

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When you called for service our receptionist was professional and helpful.

We scheduled your service call at a time and on a day that were convenient for you.
Our technician arrived at the scheduled time.

Our technician was prepared with the proper equipment and parts.

Our technician listened and completely understood your situation and concerns before making recommendations.
Our technician's explanation of various options was presented in understandable terms.
Our technician was able to complete the authorized work.

Our technician respected your property by protecting and cleaning up work areas.
Our technician completely explained the work that was completed.

Our technician explained the final invoice.

You are satisfied with the quality of service you received for the price charged.
You would recommend us to others.

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