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Smart homeowners know that it pays to be proactive, especially when it comes to hearing your home. That’s why some of our customers in White Plains, NY gave us a call last fall. They asked Frank & Lindy to do a pre-winter check-up on their heating system because they wanted to prevent losing heat in the middle of a cold winter night. Our technician checked their system, changed the furnace filter, and made certain that the thermostat was calibrated and working properly. We were glad to hear that these customers were impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of our heating technician.

A checklist for fall furnace maintenance

Every company will have a different list of tasks and checks that they perform during their maintenance appointments. Those lists will change also according to the type of appliance being checked. Here’s a list of tasks and checks that most furnace manufacturers recommend:

    Check the vent system—the vents, seams, and joints should be checked for blocks of leaks.

    Check at the termination outside, and the connections to the furnace.

    Check for a tight seal at the blower access door

    Make sure that fresh air intake grills are not blocked

    Check heat exchanger for corrosion and rust

    Check the drainage system

    Check the burners for clogs of soot, grime and dirt

    Check the blower wheel for debris and perform an amp draw test on the blower motor.

    Check the wiring and connections

    Change the air filter (although this needs to be done approximately 4 times a year)

    Lubrication of any moving parts, as needed

If You Need Heating Services in White Plains, Call Frank & Lindy

These are just a few of the tasks that are performed by a heating technician during a yearly maintenance check and tune up. If you’d like to know more about the services offered by F&L in White Plains, NY, please give us a call. We’re here to answer your questions!


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