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Cooling and heating repairs at your home in Peekskill and Dutchess County NY

Here at Frank and Lindy we work hard to stay on top of every change and technological breakthrough that has anything to do with heating or cooling in your home.

Not only do we take care of your problems today, but we also ensure that your Westchester heating and cooling repairs will work for many more years to come. No matter what this takes, whether it’s new system installations, periodic system maintenance, or expert system repairs, you can be sure that we will get the job done.

Technology Means Save on Costs, With No Sacrifice in Comfort

Over the past 5 to 10 years there have been many advancements in home heating and cooling technology. One example of this is that today heating and cooling efficiencies can reach up to 95%. This means that there is only about 5% of energy wasted during consumption. This alone is a huge achievement and would not have been thought to be possible just a few years ago. Alongside that, giant strides have also been made in system quality, expected lifespan, and system options. An example of this is that you can now heat your homes hot water with a high efficiency system and save dollars on every gallon of fuel consumed throughout the entire year. Over time this saves you a ton of money on your monthly utility bills.

This is just one example out of many, but it illustrates the point of how today you can heat and cool your home for much less then you could in the past. When working with Frank and Lindy you can be sure that we will install a new system that’s going to run for many years. We will also work hard to keep that system in the best working condition so that it last as long as possible. Through a few simple tune-ups and regular repairs we can help you conserve energy and save money while doing so.

Our expert heating and cooling system repairs cover all makes and models

At Frank & Lindy in Peekskill NY, new system installation is just part of the story. We also work hard to keep your equipment in top working order so it will last longer, require fewer heating and cooling repairs, and help conserve energy…and you get all of that with our annual tune-up and inspection service.

These include:

  • Forced hot air systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Steam heating systems
  • Central Air
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air

With Frank & Lindy, you’ll get more years of “active service” from your present heating and cooling equipment.

System Enhancements Spell Greater Comfort & Savings

We will always update you on available system add-ons like whole house humidification, programmable thermostats, zoning, and more. This means that you will get a rising level of comfort with lower costs over time.

Expect More from Frank & Lindy in Peekskill NY

With Frank and Lindy you’ll be sure to get all the latest and heating and air technological advances.

If it’s new, we know and install it. New or old, we service and repair it.

Frank & Lindy. Now and always, “Bringing Quality & Customer Service Home to You.”


From furnace repair to air conditioner tune-ups, Frank and Lindy has been providing residents of Westchester with the best heating and cooling services since 1959

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