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Endless Hot Water With A Tankless Water Heater For Your Peekskill Home

If you live in Peekskill, New York it is ideal to have a local Peekskill, New York plumber selected before a plumbing emergency arrives as well as having local convenience when you need a basic repair. This way when an issue occurs you will know who to call right away. Here at Frank and Lindy we provide many services for you including drain cleaning and tankless water heater installations. We are a company that has been in business for over 50 years. We are located in Peekskill and we enjoy getting the chance to work closely with people in the community.

Whether Your in Peekskill, Putnam, or Cortlandt, We're ready 24/7!

Many plumbing issues can occur in your Peekskill home at which point you might need a local plumber. For example, recently we had a family call us who needed a drain cleaning and we were able to send a team out to get the problem taken care of right away. Another couple was in need of a new water heater after the old one became damaged. We recommended a tankless water heater since they had a house full of girls that all used a lot of hot water when getting ready each day. After they made the decision on which model to get we promptly handled the installation for them. As a full-service Peekskill, New York plumbing company we can take care of all of your plumbing needs. We often encourage people to switch over to tankless water heaters because they will heat water on demand which means that you will never go without hot water.

No matter what your problem is though one thing can be sure, with Frank and Lindy your plumbing problems will be a thing of the past. Never again will you need to worry about trying to do your own drain cleaning because now you will have access to the best plumbers in Peekskill. For any questions about our services such as drain cleaning, tankless water heater installations, or any other services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love getting the chance to talk with our customers and we will be happy to answer any of the questions that you might have.

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